The task of the contest is comprised of two themes. To participate, you must send 3 or more designs for each of the contest themes. Overall, the minimum number of works should amount to 6.

The works of each participant are assessed as a whole.The themes of the contest are presented as mood boards.

Mood boards are not a direct guideline to follow – you should not try to repeat the works presented in them. The contestant can freely interpret the materials presented for inspiration, in accordance with their own vision.

The submitted work may be a composition with or without repeats.
You may submit new works created specifically for this contest or designs you have made before. We urge you to be attentive to copyright compliance!

Technical requirements: JPEG format, image size: not to exceed 1 MB, not less than 1,000 pixels on the longitudinal side, resolution: 150 dpi. Submit your work by uploading it onto the page TAKE PART IN THE CONTEST“.

Who can participate?

The Contest invites design professionals, independent textile and interior designers, designers of clothing and accessories, design studios and artistic associations, students and graduates of specialized higher education institutions, as well as all those with relevant background and desire to create textile patterns.

Contest stages:

Till 23:59 (Msk) February 7th 2024 – Admission of works by the Contest participants.
February 27th 2024 – Announcement of the finalists on the Contest website.
March 11th 2024 – Contest Award Ceremony within the framework of the of Interfabric Exhibition Opening Ceremony.