Конкурсная работа участника Rihab AKACHA


My works on the first theme are totally different on Each drawing we see individual techniques to make and build a miracles in garden collection.

1- Energetic Flower is the name of this drawing. Between the digital and the abstraction.
soft lines and bright colors give energy to the work.

2- Flowers Swimming Pool combination between the fluidity of water, the rays of light and the beauty of flowers. natural components that take care of the life of all garden elements.

3- The luxurious 3d flower with a new weave and a strange metallic texture. out of the ordinary and highlighting the digital print is the goal.

4- watercolor effect flower protected with a cylindrical shape. c’est juste pour montrer la dominance du digital in the designer life style.

5- white strock Flower to make new design of digital flower.

6-Unique flower is a combination of material a (liquid metal), colors (peinture effect) and shapes (water drop). a physical plant and its digital embodiment.


My works on the second theme are inspired by the symbol of Nazar and the zodiac signs. It’s mysteriously from my own side collection.
I focus on abstraction and digital embodiment to highlighting the mysteriously theme.

1- inspired by The symbol of nazar an eye-shaped.

2- Combinasion of the zodiac signs, colors and shapes.

3+4 — The zodiac signs in the abstraction way with a combination of colors , the objective is to make things defirement us usual us we know.

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