First place

The main prize for the winner of the competition provided by Fashion Factory School is one of four school courses to choose from.

Fashion Factory School is a school of business education in the field of fashion in Russia and the CIS, part of the Ultimate Education educational holding. The school was founded by the famous Russian designer Lyudmila Norsoyan. In 2023, the school celebrated 10 years since its creation. The school now offers more than 30 educational programs and courses. More than 200 lecturers from leading Russian fashion brands cooperate with the school. During its activities, more than 13 thousand people became graduates among them the founders and employees of many well-known and successful brands – Present&Simple, 2MOOD, Agreeg and others.

Educational course to choose: Fabrics for the fashion business: from materials science to procurement; Assortment matrix and collection production; Sewing workshop for a fashion brand.

Second place

Digital tablet for drawing

VSEMAYKI is a popular online store of clothing and accessories with prints, included in the TOP 100 list of largest online stores in Russia. The company has a large in-house production facility. A unique affiliate program has been developed for designers. The client purchases high-quality goods with the artist’s design, and the artist gets a monetary reward. VSEMAYKI community includes more than 400 artists and illustrators.

Third place

Digital textile printing of the winner’s print collection of 10 patterns at the participant’s option, at the Solstudio Industry factory . The production is fully funded by the Contest Organizer.

Solstudio Industry Printing of design patterns on all types of textile fabrics: natural, synthetic and blended.

Special Prize

Pocket colorimeter for color matching and comparison Syntes Labs ColorReader from the company “Syntes Vostok”

Special nominations:

Internship in the creative team of the VILET brand

As well as gift cards with a nominal value of 15,000 rubles and 10,000 rubles for three participants in the competition.

Vilet is a brand and chain of women’s clothing stores for girls and women who have their own style and also experiment with trends.

Educational course from the Animation Technopark “Caliber”: 3D modeling; Python from scratch; Computer animation in AR.

A unique platform for adults and children to get the skills of creating multimedia projects: from developing three-dimensional models for 3D printing to creating your own cartoon.

The competition winners and finalists will be awarded diplomas and prizes from the competition partners.