First place

The main prize for the winner of the competition from the British Higher School of Design is Training at any intensive in the Fashion direction in 2023.

The British Higher School of Design has been one of the most important educational centers in Russia since 2003. The school specializes in professional education in the creative and business industries. The British Higher School of Design is part of Universal University — the university where the future of creative industries is being built, a new expert community is being formed and ample opportunities for personal and professional development throughout life are opening up.

Second place

Digital drawing tablet WACOM Cintiq 16 from the company . is online store of furniture and household goods, trendsetter of the furniture industry in Russia. The company is ahead of and shaping the needs of the market in an affordable and stylish environment of modern apartments, houses and commercial spaces, focusing on the best world practices. regularly organizes and participates in partner events, carries out collaborations with leaders of the design industry.

Third place

Digital textile printing of the winner’s print collection of 10 patterns at the participant’s option, at the Solstudio Industry factory . The production is fully funded by the Contest Organizer.

Solstudio Industry Printing of design patterns on all types of textile fabrics: natural, synthetic and blended.

Special Prize

Pocket colorimeter for the selection and comparison of colors Syntes Labs ColorReader from the company “Synthesis East”

The Sintez Vostok company has been supplying equipment and solutions for working with color to Russia for more than 20 years: Pantone, RAL, NCS color reference books; spectrophotometers, monitor calibrators, color control scales and Datacolor and X-Rite software, X-Rite and GTI light booths. Currently, it continues to supply most of the assortment to Russia, and has also launched its own brand of equipment for working with color Syntes Labs.

All finalists will be awarded diplomas, a unique flash drive with Pantone palettes for Adobe programs from Sintez Vostok, and prizes from the Kalibr technopark.

Special nominations:

internship from Solstudio Textile Design

internship from Alena Akhmadullina

internship from Victoria Andreyanova Fashion House

All finalists will be awarded with diplomas, as well as prizes from the Kalibr Technopark.