David Sha: "Surprise me!"

We asked a few questions to David Sha, founder and editor-in-chief of Textile View magazine. David's answers will help the contestants understand the expectations of the professional jury from their work.

Question: When you look at textile design, what do you pay attention to? What attracts your attention the most (color, style, technique, or something else)? David Shah: It all depends on the season and what is happening in fashion at the moment. I think color is the most important component right now. It is wise to use key trends, for example, yellow, lilac, fuchsia, mint green and all neon colors that can be used and combined in the most unexpected variations. Sometimes, of course, the main importance is acquired by the drawing (first of all, it is a floral pattern) and how it is reinterpreted in a new way, how the design echoes the style of Gucci.

Question: How do you assess the current position of textile design in the world? How important is it for the fashion industry? David Shah: Fabric design and decoration are of great importance today. I think that all the power is in color, but this does not mean that the drawing loses its importance. The world today is divided into two poles: minimalism and maximalism. In addition, fashion industry companies are focused on the sustainable development of their activities and pay great attention to environmental protection, clothing recycling. However, all this is not to the detriment of the appearance of clothing and the joy it brings to customers.

Question: What do you expect from the contestants? David Shah: I belong to the old "textile generation", so I'm always looking for something new, as Cocteau said "Surprise me!". You can surprise me in various ways – what exactly you show, how you show it, how you want to surprise me using unexpected colors and oppositions. I would like a new generation of textile designers to show me something new. Remember that we are on the threshold of a new visual world that completely changes our attitude to reality.