Solstudio Textile Group and the Russian Union of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs – SOYUZLEGPROM announce the sixth International Competition for textile Designers Textile Design Talents.

In 2022, designers from 27 countries took part in the competition, the jury evaluated the works of 379 participants.

The competition is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and the Intertkan exhibition.
The main goal of the Textile Design Talents competition is to support talented textile designers, attract the attention of the professional community to them and help them realize their abilities in the industry.

Today, textile design has become part of the global concept of “surface design – surface design”, combining the development of a pattern for any surfaces: clothing, accessories, shoes, interior.

The works will be evaluated by a professional jury, consisting of leading Russian experts in the fashion and textile design industry.




Admission of works by the Contest participants

till 14 February

Announcement of the finalists on the Contest website

6th of March

Contest Award Ceremony within the framework of the of Interfabric Exhibition Opening Ceremony

13th of March


First place

The main prize for the winner of the competition from the British Higher School of Design is Training at any intensive in the Fashion direction in 2023.

The British Higher School of Design has been one of the most important educational centers in Russia since 2003. The school specializes in professional education in the creative and business industries. The British Higher School of Design is part of Universal University — the university where the future of creative industries is being built, a new expert community is being formed and ample opportunities for personal and professional development throughout life are opening up.

Second place

Digital drawing tablet WACOM Cintiq 16 from the company . is online store of furniture and household goods, trendsetter of the furniture industry in Russia. The company is ahead of and shaping the needs of the market in an affordable and stylish environment of modern apartments, houses and commercial spaces, focusing on the best world practices. regularly organizes and participates in partner events, carries out collaborations with leaders of the design industry.

Third place

Digital textile printing of the winner’s print collection of 10 patterns at the participant’s option, at the Solstudio Industry factory . The production is fully funded by the Contest Organizer.

Solstudio Industry Printing of design patterns on all types of textile fabrics: natural, synthetic and blended.

Special Prize

Pocket colorimeter for the selection and comparison of colors Syntes Labs ColorReader from the company “Synthesis East”

The Sintez Vostok company has been supplying equipment and solutions for working with color to Russia for more than 20 years: Pantone, RAL, NCS color reference books; spectrophotometers, monitor calibrators, color control scales and Datacolor and X-Rite software, X-Rite and GTI light booths. Currently, it continues to supply most of the assortment to Russia, and has also launched its own brand of equipment for working with color Syntes Labs.

The winners of the competition will also receive a commemorative award, a diploma and other gifts from the Partners of the competition.

The competition is evaluated by an independent Russian jury consisting of textile design and fashion specialists

Victoria Andreyanova

The founder of the Fashion House Victoria Andreyanova

Alena Akhmadullina

Founder of brand Alena Akhmadullina

Nina Veresova

Textile researcher, multidisciplinary artist, fashion designer, curator of Fashion and Textile Design and Textile Design programs at BHSD

Galina Kravchenko

Head of Trend Analytics areas . Director of the Assortment Department of Fashion Consulting Group

Alexandra Kaloshina

Founder of Solstudio Textile Group, Russia

Irina Rybaulina

Head of the Department «Textile arts and Ornaments», Moscow State Textile University named by A.N.Kosygina, Russia

Andrey Razbrodin

President of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry, Russia

Anastasia Pavlovich

Fashion designer, curator and teacher of fashion and textile programs at BHSD


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Week of holidays is the time to draw contest themes.

Week of holidays is the time to draw contest themes. You need to read them carefully, then find your idea, but do not forget that we are drawing fabric, not an illustration. It helps a lot to imagine a friend in this fabric, how she goes to an amorous meeting or a neighbor in the stairwell, a girl...


Dear participants of the contest! If you have any questions about participation, please call or write to the contest hotline: +7 985 600 27 72 Anna Sitnikova Curator of the contest

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